All scholarships require the applicant to be of Finnish heritage or a current member of the Finnish Credit Union. Scholarship applications are being accepted between April 1 and September 30.

2019 Scholarship recipients

Aleksi Luoma, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Alyson Van Natto, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Brooklyn Ranta, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Christopher Armiento, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Matthew Komonen, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Tiina Kukkonen, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship

Kristyn Felushko, Hanne Maijala Memorial Scholarship

Christopher Pyykkönen, Osuuspankki Scholarship
Janina Räsänen, Osuuspankki Scholarship
Jaquelin Hollo, Osuuspankki Scholarship
Eveliina Ahonen, Osuuspankki Scholarship
Nathaniel Lamain, Osuuspankki Scholarship

Eero's Memorial FundThis scholarship was established as a testamentary trust by the Will of Eero Blomberg. The Fund will award four scholarships of $5,000 each. Applicants must be Canadian citizens of Finnish heritage in their second year or higher of education at a Canadian university. Other requirements are:

  • Applicant must provide details of their Finnish heritage
  • In addition to their most recent year's academic marks, the applicant must submit a transcript of their final year in high school showing an overall average of 75% or higher
  • Applicant must submit a short one-page essay on what "being of Finnish heritage" means to them.

Hanne Maijala Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded for post-secondary studies in arts.

Marja Karlsson Memorial ScholarshipThis scholarship is dedicated in the memory of a long-time General Manager of Osuuspankki, Marja Karlsson. It is awarded to students entering their second or subsequent year of post-secondary studies at college or university. The scholarship is in the amount of $3,000 paid out over two years in payments of $1,500 each year. Receiving the second payment is automatic on submitting proof of enrolment.

Henry Rönkkö Memorial ScholarshipIt is awarded to students continuing their studies at a community college.

Osuuspankki ScholarshipSeveral Osuuspankki scholarships are awarded each year. These are granted to students who demonstrate a combination of academic achievement, financial need and community involvement.