Scholarships 2018

We would like to congratulate our 2018 scholarship recipients. As always, it was very difficult choosing the recipients with countless deserving applicants. To all who applied, we thank you and remind those who did not receive a scholarship to try again next year. Osuuspankki extends with best wishes for every success in your studies.

Riley Gravelle, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Melissa Paltanen, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Sonja Wakeling, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Asia Ruuhala-Guzman,  Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Ania Bessonov,  Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Laina Southgate,  Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Jessica Nummi, Hanne Maijala Memorial Scholarship
Joel Anttila, Henry Rönkkö Memorial Scholarship
Jonas Anttila, Osuuspankki Scholarship
Jaana Leppälä, Osuuspankki Scholarship
Lindsay Kettunen, Osuuspankki Scholarship
Kristyn Felushko, Osuuspankki Scholarship
Jenna Mujunen, Osuuspankki Scholarship


Student Loans and Lines of Credit

Our student loans and Lines of Credit are available for full-time post-secondary students - offering a simpler application process than government and chartered-bank student loans. To cut down on stress, you make interest-only payments while you're a full-time student.

Contact our loan department for details.


Your Credit Rating

Have you thought about the importance of starting a credit rating? Although education is probably your main focus right now, we can help you start a credit rating so you'll be ready for the next stage of your life. It’s easy, our advice is free, just like your student account!


Financial Tips

Let us give you a couple of hints on how you can improve your financial life now, for your future.

  1. File a tax return, even if you have not earned much income. It will help you start to build your TFSA contribution limit.
  2. Apply for a Student MasterCard® to start building your credit score today.