All scholarships require the applicant to be of Finnish heritage or a current member of the Finnish Credit Union. Scholarship applications are being accepted between April 1 and September 30.

2019 Scholarship recipients

Aleksi Luoma, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Alyson Van Natto, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Brooklyn Ranta, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Christopher Armiento, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Matthew Komonen, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Tiina Kukkonen, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship

Kristyn Felushko, Hanne Maijala Memorial Scholarship

Christopher Pyykkönen, Osuuspankki Scholarship
Janina Räsänen, Osuuspankki Scholarship
Jaquelin Hollo, Osuuspankki Scholarship
Eveliina Ahonen, Osuuspankki Scholarship
Nathaniel Lamain, Osuuspankki Scholarship



Student Loans and Lines of Credit

Our student loans and Lines of Credit are available for full-time post-secondary students - offering a simpler application process than government and chartered-bank student loans. To cut down on stress, you make interest-only payments while you're a full-time student.

Contact our loan department for details.


Your Credit Rating

Have you thought about the importance of starting a credit rating? Although education is probably your main focus right now, we can help you start a credit rating so you'll be ready for the next stage of your life. It’s easy, our advice is free, just like your student account!


Financial Tips

Let us give you a couple of hints on how you can improve your financial life now, for your future.

  1. File a tax return, even if you have not earned much income. It will help you start to build your TFSA contribution limit.
  2. Apply for a Student MasterCard® to start building your credit score today.