RRSP Deposit Special

1 year at  1 %                                                           
2 year at  2%
3 year at  3%

For more information call 416-486-1533.
Certain conditions apply.


We would like to congratulate our 2017 scholarship recipients. As always, it was very difficult choosing the recipients with so many deserving applicants. To all who applied, we thank you and remind those who did not receive a scholarship to try again next year. Osuuspankki extends with best wishes for every success in your studies.

Lili Ahopelto, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Sonja Wakeling, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Alexandra Southgate, Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Rachel Niemi,  Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Madison Ranta,  Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Cailey Dyer,  Eero’s Memorial Fund Scholarship
Miia Korhonen, Marja Karlsson Memorial Scholarship
Jessica Karjanmaa, Osuuspankki Scholarship
Nathaniel Lamain, Osuuspankki Scholarship
Sneha Thayalan, Osuuspankki Scholarship
Laina Southgate, Osuuspankki Scholarship
Eryn Darling, Osuuspankki Scholarship

THE EXCHANGE Network is convenient, giving you surcharge-free access to your accounts regardless of where you travel within Canada. Just because you are not with the Big Banks, does not mean you need to sacrifice convenience. #SurchargeFREEdom






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