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Kiitos and thank you to everybody who attended our first ever online Annual General Meeting!
AGM meeting package and Year In Review 2019 can be viewed here.


Note to Members
May 4, 2020

I hope that everyone continues to be well and continues to practice social distancing.

Annual General Meeting

We thank the members who joined us in our Annual General Meeting last Wednesday.  It was certainly a far cry from our usual Annual Meetings. It was impossible to easily have a coffee service and a social meeting of members after the meeting.  Under the circumstances and even with some technical glitches the meeting went relatively well. It is not the kind of meeting we had wanted but regulations require us to have a meeting before the end of April.  Hopefully, members will join us in a much more usual kind of meeting next year.

For members who were unable to join in the meeting via Zoom I would encourage you to pick up a copy of our Year in Review 2019 booklet, download a copy from our website or request an electronic copy to be sent to you.

Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Due to the current situation the Board of Directors has decided not to award the Finnish-Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year Award this year.  The directors felt that there simply was no suitable event or occasion to present the award and honour the recipient.

Office Hours

Our reduced hours continue.  We continue to be closed on Tuesdays and during the rest of the work week we are open from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm.  Members are urged to use ATMs and our online services as much as possible to reduce visits to the office.  To reduce the possibility of infection we are working with only minimal staff in the office daily. If you do have to visit the office we ask that members abide by the physical distancing rules.

ATM Availability

Our issues with the ATM continue.  Due to these issues our ATM continues to be available only during regular business hours.  We are working to resolve this matter.  In the meanwhile, we recommend that members use the various other credit union ATMs.  They are available to you without any surcharge.  The nearest credit union ATM to ours is at the DUCA Credit Union, a short block east of our location.

Stay Informed

Please check our website frequently for up-to-date information.

Please stay well.  We appreciate the support and understanding of members during this difficult time.

Antero Elo

Chief Executive Officer

Collabria Credit Union Mastercard

Collabria Credit Union Mastercard is here. You can apply for it at the branch or at

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Starting April 6, 2020. Until further notice.

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