Interac eTransfers

New - Uutta: Interec e-Transfer Auto Deposit and Request Money

Interac eTransfers are the easiest ways to get money to someone in Canada – FAST.  Ask for their email address or mobile telephone number and send them a surprise gift, pay them back for that dinner out or order tickets to a special event.  The payee should receive an email or text message stating that you have sent them a transfer within 30 minutes from when you have completed the transaction from our Online banking or Mobile Web Banking.  It’s as easy as that!

You can also receive Interac eTransfers to your account if you tell someone your email address.  They do not need to know your account number, keeping this a safe and secure method of sending money.  The maximum amount you may send is $1,000.00 per transaction .

Did you know?  Credit Unions are the first ones to offer this great service using your mobile telephone?  No need to find a desktop to send that easy Interac eTransfer!

Contact us to sign up for Internet Banking today so that you can start sending and receiving Interac eTransfers.

What you need to do before you accept or send your first Interac eTransfer1. Make sure you have already signed up for Internet Banking
2. Login to Internet Banking
3. Click on Transfers tab (located at the top / centre of the screen
4. Click on bottom left tab "Update Interac eTransfer Profile"
5. Fill in the information as requested
6. Click on INTERAC eTransfer Recipient List (tab is found on left, right above your Profile Tab)
7. Think about who you would like to send an Interac eTransfer to and check that you have their email address.
8. Click on Add Recipient (dark blue link under title "Recipients")
9. Fill in all the specific information about that person.

REMEMBER:  If the person you have listed in the Recipients list informs you later on that their email address has changed, update their info in your recipient list as well.