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  • ALW Easter Bake SaleMämmiä ($12), pullaa ($10), karjalanpiirakoita ($10/4)
    ja reissumiesleipiä ($10/5)

    Tilaukset 26.3. mennessä sähköpostilla tai puhelimitse 416-489-7600
    Orders by March 26th by email or phone

    Leivonnaisten haku palmusunnuntaina 2.4. kello 11
    Pick up on Palm Sunday April 2nd 11 am

    Agricola Church, 25 Old York Mills Road, Toronto

  • NOTICE: ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGWednesday, April 5, 2023, 6:30 pm
    Agricola Lutheran Church, Fellowship Hall
    25 Old York Mills Road, Toronto, Ontario

    Agenda Highlights:

    • Call to Order
    • Adoption of Agenda
    • Adoption of the 2022 AGM minutes
    • Reports of Board of Directors, General Manager and Audit Committee
    • Auditor’s Report and Financial Statements
    • Appointment of Auditor
    • Election of Directors
    • New Business
    • Refreshments and door prizes

    Bawani Thayalan
    Corporate Secretary

  • Vappubileet / Vappu Party Saturday, May 6, 2023, 2 PM – 5 PM
    Agricola Church, 25 Old York Mills Road, Toronto

    Event by SISU Athletic Club

    Save the date! Join Sisu Athletic Club for their last event. Come share your Sisu memories, enjoy some delicious food, have some fun. Meet old friends and make some new ones.
    More details to come!

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